under the weather
2004-11-14 07:02:50 ET

I don't feel too well today.

I think that i'm getting the sore throat/ cold that is working its way around our unit.

bleh...oh well, at least i have cq duty and get to lay around all day tomorrow. :)

2004-11-14 07:09:20 ET

aww feel better !!!!!

2004-11-14 07:13:34 ET

thank you, hun.

2004-11-14 07:24:53 ET

feel better... pretty cool about tomorrow... is it like a special holiday or what?

2004-11-14 07:34:31 ET

no, lol i just have charge of quarters. i essentially guard the same room for 24 hours

2004-11-14 07:41:25 ET

ahhh i see... that's not too bad

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