in retrospect
2004-11-21 23:37:47 ET

I must appologize to everyone. My last posts were pretty hot. Yes, you are all entitled to your opinions. Its rough to take criticism over here, constructive or otherwise, because regardless of individual station, all of our emotions are running 180 miles an hour and the stress is incredible! I have never experienced anything like it. So, I am sorry for flying off the handle. Just to be truthful, I have no intention or desire to harm innocent people. I wish the death would stop on both sides. thats what we do in the military: "kill 'em all, let God sort em out" and "bomb the whole damn place" are just wild statements we use to express what we are going through and our contempt for it. I was not literal. I really don't want to harm the innocent people of this country. I just want the death to stop. Please accept my appology.

2004-11-21 23:47:06 ET

who and how is anyone innocent?
who and how is anyone not involved...

2004-11-21 23:49:47 ET

i just meant the Iraqi civilians. i don't want to see them hurt.

2004-11-22 06:34:51 ET

It's a weird place where weird things happen. Just keep safe and come back to us.

2004-11-22 08:07:42 ET

Thanks for the apology, I was hoping you'd make one, because I had to do the same when I was wishing Yugoslavia was just nuked. Glad to hear you're being realistic about it in the midst of the ferver for "victory"
Try not to let the opinions of the uninformed upset you so much. Its not going to do you any good.

2004-11-22 11:56:16 ET

i can't even begin to imagine what it must be like over there, especially with all the criticism piled on top of it. (at least blame the people in power, not the soldiers)

come home safe and well! how much longer do you have?

2004-11-22 14:25:47 ET

i'm sorry too pete. we all love you and wish you weren't going through all of that.

2004-11-22 23:59:14 ET

thank you so much everyone for accepting my appology!! You all don't even realize how much your support means to me.

2004-11-24 07:51:27 ET

Just because someone is against the war, doesn't mean they're against the troops.

Your appology says a great deal about you. And all of it good. Get home safe.

2004-11-24 07:56:36 ET

thank you so much!!! and i'm sorry again

2004-11-24 07:58:35 ET

You're entitled to act and sound as crazy and mean as you want/ need to while you're over there... the stress has got to be brutal and stress manifests itself oddly. We still know you're awesome... and an apology in the midst of it all shows that even more.

2004-11-24 13:25:12 ET

remember that movie Jacobs Latter?

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