2004-11-25 07:42:25 ET

today was the craziest experience of my life. We are at freedom rest on a little saxophone quartet tour. We played at jazz at different chowhalls for thanksgiving today to show our fellow troops that we are in full support of them. While we were at Camp Outlaw, a rocket landed about 100 feet from us and detonated. It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced! It hit some ammo and started cooking off rounds! The blast killed 4 and wounded 9. We were scheduled to play around the wards of the hospital next. It was moving to play for all the soldiers there. I tried to hold back tears. Seeing all my brothers-in-arms wounded. Then they wheeled in the wounded from the blast while we were standing there playing! It was the most horrible experience i've ever been through.

2004-11-25 07:46:06 ET

I wish you all safety and a quick return.

2004-11-25 07:52:16 ET

i was really just trying to focus on those in the experience, but thank you very much. i felt horrible for all those people in the hospital. my heart really aches for them

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