move out
2004-12-09 23:35:32 ET

we are finally done with our packing! We had our customs inspection today! One step closer to comeing back to the States!!! Man, i miss them. We had and early morning (03:00 wakeup), but its only one day and at least its over. Now we have a gig at 19:00 tonight. long day. I think its time for a nap.

2004-12-10 03:38:08 ET

When are they saying you'll be heading back home? What additional steps/stops are involved?

2004-12-10 05:00:20 ET

yeah wait is this Leave for christmas or are you done for now?

2004-12-10 22:44:55 ET

i'm not sure what extra steps there are. Im sure a load of briefings.
When we eventually leave, it will be for good.

2004-12-13 05:02:36 ET


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