rat tat tat
2004-12-27 07:29:51 ET

the fuckers tried to take our gate on Christmas day! the skirmish sounded pretty large. There were no reports of U.S. injury. I'm pretty sure we beat the living shit out of them anyway.
attacking on Christmas day! eat a dick, insurgents!

2004-12-27 07:33:10 ET

I doubt they are christian somehow.
Christmas isn't universal.

2004-12-27 07:38:40 ET

lol i know that

2004-12-27 07:54:38 ET

as unrelated as this is i just hear it and had to share it with you...sorry if you know it

An Iraqi kid is in college when he meets his new roommate he decides to make conversation “I have a question about what I’ve seen in America.” His roommate answered, “If I can help explain things to you, please let me know.” The Iraqi whispered. “i was watching this show called ‘Star Trek’ and in this show, there’s Chekov who is a Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, Sulu who is Chinese… but there aren’t any Iraqis. Why aren’t there any Iraqis on Star Trek?” His roommate whispered back to him, “It’s because Star Trek takes place in the future.”

2004-12-27 08:01:19 ET

lol holy shit!

2004-12-27 09:24:18 ET

Funny joke ...

and damn that sucks about the gate attack.

2004-12-28 08:08:12 ET

pete- eat dick indeed!

Gir- ROFL I lvoe it!

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