we're falling apart
2005-01-06 20:36:29 ET

hurricane in florida
war in iraq
war in afghanistan
tsunami is south east asia

i think these are the birth pangs
i think that the end is coming swiftly

2005-01-06 21:58:07 ET

nah, just another day in hell. ;P

2005-01-07 05:58:33 ET

I always liked that scene in 28 Days Later where he walks in to a church full of dead bodies, and on the wall someone had spraypainted "The End is Extremely Fucking Nigh"

2005-01-07 07:17:56 ET

lol i liked that too!!! damn that was a great movie!

2005-01-08 03:08:30 ET

maybe the year will end with a calm december where no one will have snow.

2005-01-10 08:24:46 ET

look up luke 21:25 its kind of creepy

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