2005-01-13 01:05:39 ET

so our stupid dipfuck commander fucked the goddamn situation and now we don't get to come home on the 17th. like i'd hoped. we have to stay longer. STUPID FUCK!

2005-01-13 01:32:52 ET

That sucks. I don't think I could handle being told when I can or cannot come home. :-/


2005-01-13 01:40:38 ET

that's fuckin' gay man... i hope somethin' works out soon...

2005-01-13 02:52:07 ET

sorry to hear that. that really sucks.

2005-01-13 02:58:03 ET

How much longer?

2005-01-13 05:20:18 ET


2005-01-13 06:03:36 ET

m0xie we have about 2 or 3 weeks left.

I don't mind really. Gives me more time to go to Pizza Hut and mail my stuf off. I figure it's just two more weeks. We could have got extended to March like the rest of our Division :)

2005-01-13 09:22:04 ET

glad to hear its only a couple more weeks. . . still sucks though. stay safe guys!

2005-01-13 18:36:22 ET


2005-01-14 10:34:36 ET


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