2005-01-17 23:36:08 ET

Your Draft Number is "89413-CRUSADER-8270"

2005-01-18 04:17:59 ET

you confuse me.

I did sign up for selective service though. I guess you kinda have to if you're a citizen and you register to vote.

2005-01-18 04:40:53 ET

crusader? lol.

2005-01-18 04:45:51 ET

Is that a tank? I know we have paladin mobile artillery... are they designating your assignment now?

2005-01-18 05:20:55 ET

lol no it was a joke. from whitehouse.org

2005-01-18 05:40:01 ET

-smacks subsonic-

read up on your history, man!

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