system is online...awaiting orders...
2005-01-22 09:29:02 ET

we're getting ready for dust off...
almost out...

2005-01-22 09:32:45 ET

yay! you'll be back soon!!

2005-01-22 09:42:34 ET

yup, not soon enough

2005-01-22 10:05:30 ET

true true :) but it will be soon instead of like months from now ... i'm so excited, i can barely wait for you guys to get here!

2005-01-22 10:10:33 ET

Rock on!

2005-01-22 10:34:14 ET


2005-01-22 21:43:16 ET

what are you going to do first?

2005-01-23 07:11:23 ET

flirt with a female! lol probably have a beer

2005-01-23 07:12:03 ET

no wait! first, I'm going to kiss the fucking AMERICAN SOIL!!!!! and you all think i'm joking. just wait

2005-01-23 07:34:22 ET

kiss away ...

2005-01-23 08:52:09 ET

i saw this one email.. a us soldier asked his wife to send him some soil, and grass seed.
and he planted it outside his tent... just so he could see a bit of home...

and there is this picture of him cutting it all with sizzors. it wasn't very much.
but it sure made you cry.

2005-01-23 18:46:13 ET

your CD went in the mail to Hood last week.

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