2005-01-27 21:41:30 ET

one step closer!!! wooohooo!!!

2005-01-27 22:09:10 ET

one step closer to not being shot at is a good thing. unless, of course, your home is watts or oakland, in which case, you're going from one warzone to another :)

2005-01-28 05:29:25 ET


2005-01-28 05:39:46 ET

Kuwait; that's like 99 steps home. nothing will touch you now.

except maybe paperwork.

2005-01-28 07:25:11 ET

CONGRATS man; be safe safe safe and get back to the USA! My friend just got back from Iraq very recently too and I read vasa is on his way.
Revshade: I live in Oaktown. There are actually street signs here, like "No Parking' signs that say "Drug Dealing and Prostitution are against the law in this area." HA!

2005-01-28 09:35:29 ET

good. now tell v to call me with the place we're supposed to meet since you said it's supposed to be TOMORROW. Ya'll are going to be walking unless we're informed. :-p

2005-01-28 20:03:51 ET

sadly enough, that doesn't shock me in the least.

2005-01-31 11:52:22 ET

heh, weird, you guys come home and are in kuwait and at the same time my best friend's fiance just arrived in kuwait and will be in baghdad soon enough. you guys could wave at each other in passing. :)

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