2005-02-21 12:33:56 ET

we have been working A LOT we are playing everyone's arrival ceremonies. then we get to take leave FINALLY

2005-02-21 12:47:59 ET

that's so cool! how much longer will it be before you return?

2005-02-21 13:33:28 ET

I was just thinking about you today. What's your ETA?

2005-02-21 13:34:26 ET

:-) You need to find time to talk to me!

2005-02-21 18:46:16 ET

i'm back already. we just didn't get to take leave like everyone else when we got back. "welcome back, now fucking get work"

2005-02-21 18:49:52 ET

well i'm glad that you're finally home!
where you at right now? anywhere close to VA?

2005-02-22 05:34:48 ET

LOL thats great. welcome to america now keep working!

2005-02-22 08:09:02 ET


2005-02-23 11:03:48 ET

Welcome back.

2005-02-26 15:15:27 ET

Yea but you're back man thats a good thing.

2005-04-01 06:06:38 ET

come out to san diego when you get your leave!

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