2005-03-03 11:51:23 ET

i'm off for the better part of a week! rock!!!

2005-03-03 11:53:45 ET


BTW. you in civvies is.... wierd LOL

you look fine but it seems odd after only seeing you in uniform LOL

2005-03-03 11:54:36 ET

lol thanks

2005-03-03 11:56:18 ET

are you home yet?

2005-03-03 11:57:40 ET

sweetness ... you have time off =)

2005-03-03 12:00:41 ET

heck yeah, lets party!!!!!

2005-03-03 12:04:52 ET

we should get together and party! did you ever have your party at your new place ?

2005-03-03 12:11:55 ET

That does look weird - but I bet it's quite a relief!

2005-03-04 01:59:35 ET

where do all of you live? siren i've seen that you hang with a few members of sk. must be nice to have a life!(wipes tear from eye) lol

2005-03-04 03:57:14 ET


we live in the killeen/fort hood area. =) i pretty much hang out with the Tina, Vasa and tonalwar -- err well he promised me i could come party with him at least =)

2005-03-04 04:06:57 ET

well, Im not going to utah. So maybe I should have a party next weekend. Keith has been begging me to BBQ, even with all the rain. certain friends are coming to visit this weekend, but you know how we are about company.

Love you senor pepe. Even though you never want to do anything with me. :-p

2005-03-04 04:20:25 ET

oh oh ... you have friends coming to visit? *jealous*

BBQ? *drools*

2005-03-04 04:31:20 ET

yes, certain friends. from denton. lol

And anytime. Just call and Keith will fire up the grill :-D

2005-03-04 04:40:35 ET

oh oh ... certain friends. i get it now. lol.

okie dokie =) i've been trying to leave you guys alone and stuff so ya'll can have your time together and all ... i know i would want some alone time with my man after he'd been gone for more than a year =)

2005-03-04 05:32:26 ET

dammit, I dont know why everyone is leaving me alone. I feel completely neglected. Beth called me once when I was sick to get me to go out. Other than that, nothing. Keith and I are married, but we're not the same person. I can do things independantly, dammit. Give me a phone call sometime! GOSH!

/end rant. :)

2005-03-04 05:33:58 ET


OK OK OK OK OK ... I get the point!

2005-03-04 08:46:44 ET

friends don't let friends get weird. or starve...lol

2005-03-04 10:27:29 ET

I'll be in killeen tomorrow.

2005-03-05 07:32:45 ET

friends do too let friends get wierd. because if i was normal and not wierd, i wouldn't be nearly as much fun as i am now. =D

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