2005-03-12 22:17:01 ET

wish i was special
so fucking special

2005-03-12 22:17:33 ET

but i'm a creep

2005-03-12 23:55:51 ET

i'm a weirdo

2005-03-13 04:59:45 ET

I don't belong here

2005-03-13 07:58:05 ET

uuhhhhhh okay.

2005-03-13 13:04:49 ET

You are special
So FUCKING special to me!

2005-03-14 05:22:04 ET

so what the hell am I doing here?

2005-03-15 21:53:00 ET

"ffucking" special? whatch your language young man!
if life gives you lemons then make lemonade and find someone whos life gave them tequila and have a party!

2005-03-16 04:05:29 ET

just for those who don't seem to know... it's a song.

2005-03-16 14:42:13 ET

i know its a song. i just find it very random.

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