2005-03-17 19:06:04 ET

godfuckingdamnit!!!! what is it about me that i can only attract fucking psychotic females?!?!

2005-03-17 19:17:07 ET

...you're shaped like a xanax tab?

2005-03-17 20:11:51 ET

I'm sorry.. I don't think you deserve that..

2005-03-17 22:07:30 ET

there's non-psychotic females ?

sorry, that was bad.

2005-03-18 04:42:48 ET

no no kreg I was gonna say the same thing. they ALL seem a touch psychotic to me o_0

2005-03-18 04:45:14 ET

*bitchslaps BLITZ and Sub* Psychotic, me ?!??!?!?
No, seriously, I'm not psychotic, exept when I have my PMS.. then I'm rather irrational :)

2005-03-18 04:47:29 ET

I said a TOUCH psychotic =p

2005-03-18 05:06:10 ET

the fact you can manage a gun?

2005-03-18 05:36:03 ET

I can manage a gun too, I joined a gun-club (or whatever it is called in english) last year, and I'm not bad at it at all :)

2005-03-18 05:39:29 ET

nate is setting us up for a membership at the gun range...

which is funny... cause really i have a "gun range" in my front yard.

2005-03-18 05:46:07 ET

athyra -Gun club is the proper term =)

Aisling- HAA fun. my friends and I are looking around for a club that allows us to store weapons there. (we're responsible enough but the rents do not appreciate the security of a nice shotgun in the closet.

2005-03-18 05:52:47 ET

HAHAHA... awww..

my dad has this like. small arsenal. which is funny. but also scary. =) i like his black powder rifle. it is my fav.

2005-03-18 05:54:08 ET

black powder rifles are classy.

2005-03-18 05:55:48 ET

it's not just a pretty that sits in the gun cabinet either. he uses it when he goes hunting.. and boy... it does the job. i have pictures.. i would NOT want to get hit by a slug fired from that thing.

2005-03-18 06:00:56 ET

does he just use balls? those things is nasty

2005-03-18 06:03:40 ET

those are all i've ever used.

i have a picture of an Elk heart from his last hunting trip. it's all torn up.

*side note. we kill to eat..*

2005-03-18 06:13:02 ET

well thats good. i've never really understod sport hunting

2005-03-18 06:17:39 ET

it's cruel

2005-03-18 09:31:10 ET

It's a waste of Particularly tastey meat in many cases as well.

2005-03-18 19:58:49 ET

yeah, its just people getting off on killing things.

i like meat

2005-03-21 06:44:26 ET

I have that issue with women myself. The best you can hope for is to find one that's the kind of crazy you can handle. And the only way to do that is trial and error.

I recommend a kevlar jockstrap and sleeping with one eye open.

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