2005-03-21 20:36:30 ET

look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see

2005-03-21 20:43:22 ET

you are quoting...The Last Unicorn?!?!

2005-03-21 21:00:05 ET

"what it is you seeeeeee"

that was supposed to be the echo after that line that i am imitating.

i hope that is the song i am thinking of....

2005-03-22 06:59:09 ET

omg!! you've seen the last unicorn?! THATS AWESOME!!! YOU GET 10000 COOL POINTS!!

2005-03-22 09:57:13 ET

i know that song but i cant remember all of it.

2005-03-22 11:50:10 ET

really? it makes me that cool? The Last Unicorn is like way popular!

2005-03-22 17:28:29 ET

what about the last mohican??? huh? huh?

2005-03-23 13:20:08 ET

----i'm sorry, the correct answer is "pain"...

2005-03-24 17:51:26 ET

Is that the one with Tim Curry as SATAN?

2005-03-25 21:54:55 ET

No, that's 'Legends'

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