off my chest
2005-04-01 13:38:20 ET

sick of hearing bitches complain about how their boyfriend treats them so bad. waah waah. i keep going back to him. waah. well, you stupid bitch, quit going back to assholes. and as far as the bad guys go, for making it hard on me relationshipwise, I'd love to rip you wide fucking open from your groin to your jawbone with my goddamn bear hands!!!

2005-04-01 17:17:34 ET

pete .... don't go postal :)

you need more hugs. here ... have a *hug*

2005-04-01 22:56:23 ET

Preach it, Brother. Nice guys rule.

[bitterassrant]That's the worst lie that women tell: They like nice guys. And they say it so often, they beleive it.

Sorry ladies, but that's the truth.[/bitterassrant]

2005-04-02 04:59:41 ET

I like nice guys. And dorks. Dorks are the bestest.

And I will quickly kick a jerk to the curb and start looking elsewhere. I've been there, done that, learned and moved on.

2005-04-02 18:41:02 ET

They love nice guys - in the abstract. When it comes to particular nice guys, they are like brothers, they don't want to ruin the friendships, blah blah blah. Grrr.

2005-04-02 19:15:36 ET

Women make nice guys their friends. Unfortunately, in really good relationships, you are friends and you WANT to spend time together.

2005-04-03 07:15:26 ET

Yeah but you guys do the same thing with women. The good women are always too much like your little sister ....

2005-04-03 09:31:16 ET


2005-04-03 11:06:02 ET

No ... just stating ... that's the pot calling the kettle black. Guys do the same thing too.

2005-04-03 11:20:52 ET


2005-04-03 11:23:59 ET

Bring it on! Wrestling with Pete ... sounds like fun. I can win!


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