God's refuse
2005-04-01 20:53:55 ET

maybe one day i'll die.

so, i just found out that the goddamn NIN concert i was going to was sold out!! FUCK

anyways...groundhog day...nothing new.

2005-04-01 23:13:56 ET

that sucks man... which one were you gunna go to? check ebay... its where i got my ticket for san diego... 75$ though ><

2005-04-02 05:01:15 ET

NIN was sould out in TX within 20 minutes due to how the ticket company ran its operations. Not very many people even standing in line got tickets. Most of the tickets ended up going to online purchasers.

2005-04-02 11:59:55 ET

it was sold out in phx in 3 mins

2005-04-03 11:29:55 ET

.....isn't groundhog day February 2nd...?

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