i love jazz
2005-04-03 12:03:40 ET

well if this life is drivin you to drink
you just sit around wonderin what to think
well i've got some consolation
i'll give it to you if i might
see i don't worry bout a thing
cause i know nothin's gonna be alright

2005-04-03 12:10:13 ET

would it be inappropriate to say something along the lines of "play it again Sam"?

seriously though, that's how it is.

2005-04-03 12:15:25 ET

lol thats awesome!!!!11one11

2005-04-03 12:20:36 ET

;) I aim to please.

2005-04-03 22:49:42 ET

whats with the lyrics lately? well i guess lyrics are a good way of describing how ya feel. so yes.

2005-04-05 20:54:28 ET

very true

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