2005-04-27 07:47:04 ET

so, what has everyone been up to?

2005-04-27 08:40:53 ET

nate and i are getting married in 3 days...

2005-04-27 08:49:13 ET

I'm thinkin I might need a day off for mental health.

2005-04-27 08:58:27 ET


mental health days are fun :)

school and work and finals for me. and you? how was your leave?

2005-04-27 09:07:57 ET

cool cool

it was awesome. just what i needed

2005-04-27 10:33:07 ET


2005-04-27 12:47:21 ET

good! i'm glad it was cool for you :)

2005-04-27 13:08:33 ET

im just working lately.
thankfuly i have nothing near getting married or being pregnant going on in my life.
no offense to anyone of course *wink*

2005-04-28 01:49:36 ET

the question is, what have YOU been up to??? : )

2005-04-28 06:27:24 ET

Going to Killeen, trying to hang out with you, work, school.

2005-04-28 09:56:28 ET

switching positions at work, working at clubs, watching too much 24.


2005-04-29 12:23:39 ET

I got a job at Safariland. I'm helping to make the armor you military musclemen wear!

2005-05-01 08:09:49 ET


2005-05-01 08:18:08 ET

whats up bro!!!! congrats!

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