2005-05-04 12:56:27 ET

our stupid fuck commander is back now dip shit
so we are going to start the dumb shit of staying at work until 1700 even if there isn't anything to do.
i hate that bastard. someone needs to kill him

2005-05-04 14:10:00 ET

that sucks..

2005-05-04 18:33:50 ET


2005-05-05 05:46:18 ET

"training accident"

2005-05-10 05:57:57 ET

Don't they call it fragging??? So its not just my job that has people dreaming of killing their boss??? Good luck man, and just think, most people hate their jobs. I leave home at 0800 and get home at 2300, 4 days a week, the other two I pull a "normal" 10 hour day. Who the fuck calls that normal???

2005-05-10 16:13:47 ET

oh man, sorry bro. it sounds like your schedule is pretty rough.

yeah its fragging lol

2005-05-11 15:03:36 ET

Right now I would like to do some fragging of my own

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