2005-05-17 04:09:05 ET



more pt


fuck all you happy couples :)

2005-05-17 04:15:32 ET

what about the dysfunctional couples? those okay?

2005-05-17 11:57:30 ET


2005-05-17 13:19:15 ET

um dysfunctional ones? ... um ... sure

2005-05-17 13:20:09 ET

no, i am just lonely is all and all my friends seem to take that as a sign to tell me how fucking great and cute THEIR goddamn relationships are going. fuckholes

2005-05-17 13:20:43 ET

so, hence, fuck all the happy couples

2005-05-18 06:01:19 ET

pt suks :(

if it helps i just got married to my buddy so he can move out of the barracks. and my boyfriend put me up to it. if that isnt dysfunctional, i dont know what is.

2005-05-18 08:45:13 ET

married?!? wtf? to a goddamn marine???

2005-05-18 18:22:52 ET

fuck all the happy couples :D

then again ... i LOVE being single.

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