2005-05-29 18:38:43 ET

got an overnight pass from pldc

passed my pt test, thank the GOOD LORD

its rough. LOOOOOONG days, usually about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night
yesterday we were up from 4am to 1am.

lot of information to take in

a LOT like basic training, except they call us "sergeants" instead of "privates" while they are screaming at us

i graduate on the 10th

2005-05-29 18:46:07 ET

The day after my birthday!

2005-05-29 20:37:56 ET

what are you training for?

2005-05-29 20:42:26 ET

i'm going through the primary leadership devopment course for non-commissioned officers

2005-05-29 20:44:05 ET

e-4 school?

2005-05-30 11:36:40 ET


2005-05-30 13:00:06 ET

oh yeah sergeant
sorry i dont know the rest of the military ranks by heart.

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