go sho-tay its yo birfday
2005-05-29 19:11:01 ET

o.k. so yall need to come over and have a huge party when i graduate from pldc and bring the single hotties, because Pete is lonely and need a girlfriend :) i'll buy a lot of beer!!!

2005-05-29 19:12:46 ET

Count me in!

2005-05-29 19:40:22 ET

OH! you have to come to my party next weekend. There will be a ton of single hotties there! There will be about 700 people there, or maybe more. PLEASE GO!!!

2005-05-29 19:41:53 ET

damnit i'll be in pldc until the 10th, i would really really be there!!! :(

2005-05-29 19:53:41 ET

BAH!!!! Poo on that yo. Maybe another time. I'll kidnap some single hotties for you. lol

2005-05-30 05:02:40 ET

lol ... see ... you're getting some single hotties :)

2005-05-30 11:36:27 ET

lol fuck no i'm not. i'm not shit and i know it. i was just making a joke.

2005-05-30 12:04:21 ET


silly ... i meant as in look ...see .. someone's offering to bring single hotties to you

silly :P

2005-05-30 18:43:26 ET

lol, yeah. I'll bring a ton of em.

2005-05-31 12:49:03 ET

I would if I lived near there.

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