2005-06-15 16:08:05 ET

is it illegal to put a hit out on yourself?

2005-06-15 16:30:56 ET

well probably. because it would look like murder.

2005-06-15 20:12:28 ET

It would only be bad if you didn't tell anyone this was what you were doing, and the hitter didn't know you had put it out on yourself.

So basically...yes, I think so.

However, it would be quite interesting.

2005-06-15 22:28:45 ET

dont help him!

2005-06-16 15:52:33 ET

It is illegal in Australia, because suicide is classed as homicide. In theory, it is illegal to attempt suicide. It gives authorities the right to remand you to the protection of a psychiatric hospital. If, however, you live in a country that allows euthanasia and you are terminally ill, I don't see why it would be a problem. Some countries in Europe, maybe???

2005-06-19 21:43:37 ET

it's considered assisted suicide and therefore illegal

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