2005-10-25 15:59:13 ET

Alabama's pretty good i guess.

Went to Panama city beach last weekend! it rocked! Its only an hour and a half away from my house.

the Army fucked my pay again. theres a shocker

2005-10-25 16:14:34 ET

PCB- the Redneck Riviera. Haven't been down since college, I bet it's changed a lot.

You get bored, head north. I'm not too far away.

2005-10-25 17:16:21 ET

You left me. :(

2005-10-26 13:57:24 ET

Hey! I'm going to be down there Christmas time! Then the whole summer I will be down there...SO, what does this mean? Courtney and Pete go partyin'! :-p

2005-10-27 16:20:13 ET

=( No more Pete to party with ....

Panama City is nice :)

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