2003-06-02 18:18:50 ET

this past weekend, I haunted elysium again with vasa and a few other buddies. btw, elysium is a goth/industrial club in austin, tx that is kindof small but makes up for it in music selection and lots of atmosphere. I met a really great girl there! Sorry no pics yet- workin on it. They usually hire high-quality djs there. I was very impressed with their selection of records. if any of you are from the austin area you should definately check out elysium. I highly recommend it.
Not much else to tell today. Another boring day at work. A lot of busy work was thrown at me today. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow.

2003-06-02 19:11:24 ET

welcome ;-)

2003-06-02 19:53:21 ET

thanks insomnia :)

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