2003-06-04 07:28:03 ET

The ceremony went off without a hitch last night. This morning was way too early though. I think it was just exerting too much energy last night and then haveing to get up early and do it all again. We played another ceremony for General Durbin's changing of command. The temperature wasn't too hot, so it could've been a lot worse (like yesterday, GOODNIGHT!!!). The Band sounded good today. We are now off work, wahoo!!! Chief loves comp time! Our commander rocks!!! Easy day! I plan on going shopping for some new, fly dress shoes in a bit. hot date this weekend. wah dah tah

2003-06-04 07:58:04 ET

If I had to be in the military, I would sooo want your job! thats great! so you just go and play music at ceremonies? thats pretty freakin awesome, is the pay good?

2003-06-04 08:03:01 ET

:) yeah, its a pretty good job. I definately want to keep it! the pay is decent, its not a lot, but i have more than average. its a lot more than most people my age make :) we play all over the place. My favorite was Corpus Christi beach, we played an hour ceremony for the Navy and then spent 2 days on the beach!!! we usually are in ceremonies in the summer time tho.

2003-06-04 08:04:40 ET

wow, pretty, cool, man!

my mom live off an island there. she said it was pretty nice, for texas

where are you from?

2003-06-04 08:06:23 ET

I'm originally from Indiana, but i'm at fort hood right now. Its in Killeen, Texas. wow i'd love to live in Corpus! how about you? where are you from?

2003-06-04 08:11:26 ET

I'm from California. San Diego, I can't really ask for much more.

Corpus would be pretty cool, I love the ocean, and I actually like humidity. I have been to Texas a couple times, and oklahoma once, but each time was for like two weeks, not incl. travel. meh, I was there for horse stuff, and crap like that..

2003-06-04 08:17:56 ET

thats cool. man, i'd LIVE at the beach if i lived in Ca. My friend John is from California, too. LA

the horses here have better living conditions than i do. lol the cavalry treats them very well. oh yeah, your ex sounds like a dick, ifn you don't mind me sayin

2003-06-04 08:24:29 ET

well if you want to get specific, he's a little dick. and you don't even know the whole story, very complicated. he toyed with me...

2003-06-04 08:31:21 ET

lol little huh?

i'm sorry. noone should be toyed with. girls are great! you all deserve much more than you often recieve.

2003-06-04 08:34:56 ET

Hah what a conversation... I think I'm lost. I'm actually from San Diego too and I'm in NYC right now and pretty much dread living anywhere that isn't near a coast -

2003-06-04 08:36:15 ET

see, why can't ther be more guy like you out there? yeah, he really fucked with me, but then again, I let him.

current description of him: too skinny, pale, never gets out and never gets any action.

He didn't used to be so much of a prick, a lot happened to both of us while we were going out, we grew in different directions.

2003-06-04 08:37:25 ET

imagine living inland and never seeing the ocean in person, only on tv and in pictures, that scares me.

we probably should be pming, but I'm lazy

2003-06-04 08:39:52 ET

awww well thank you :) i really wish that men treated women better as a whole. guys can be such dim bulbs. generally, i don't usually like too many guys they can petty. i'm very selective about my male friends.
that happens a lot i think. people growing in different directions i mean.

2003-06-04 08:40:51 ET

how are you insomnia? i didn't realize you were from CA too?

2003-06-04 08:42:44 ET

I think women treat men pretty badly too, though. It's one big sloppy mess. In my opinion the biggest problem is lies - if everyone was honest with each other, I mean really sat down and explained shit, people wouldn't be hurt so often. But that never works.

::does the I'm from Cali too dance::

2003-06-04 08:50:35 ET

i completely agree! Why don't people just tell the truth? one shouldn't have anyting to hide from their significant other anyway.

2003-06-04 08:55:00 ET

Or from anyone they are going to be "close" with -

2003-06-04 08:58:23 ET

yup. I'd rather just not have anything to hide from anyone.

2003-06-04 09:00:17 ET

what is worse than lying is denying, or just not saying. I mean, I f I'm doing something that bugs, just tell me to shut the hell up. I won't mind. I try to be as honest as possible. sometimes I say what I'm thinking, and it gets me in trouble.
People need to be honest about there feelings, true, but they need to learn to accept the truth from others mouths too, not take so much offense to everything.

2003-06-04 09:12:21 ET

very true. people do have a tendancy to wear their heart on their sleave I think that you shouldn't change the fact that you say what you feel though. that's a great attribute!

2003-06-04 09:15:51 ET

If the world was like i said i should be, then there would be a lot less confusion, but a lot more broken hearts..

2003-06-04 09:17:07 ET

In my world people would just communicate more. It wouldn't solve the problems but we'd all be a lot wiser for the experience...

2003-06-04 09:26:52 ET

works for me!

2003-06-04 12:17:31 ET

roger that...out

2003-06-04 14:36:39 ET

I think my favorite Army Band gig was the Big Ass concert I did at the Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul, Korea in 2001 or the 4th of July Tour we did last year in Naples, FL. I haven't been on any of the cool gigs here. Just the standard ho hum stuff. Still ok.

I had alot of pshycological problems when I first moved to Central Texas. I have never lived so far inland and so far from a body of water. It's a drastic change when your body is used to the humidity and nuances that come with being near a large body of water. Subconciously, I think I am linked to water and need it stimulate my artistic abilities. Ho hum.

Savannah, Ga was nice though. Relaxed atmoshpere and very easy going. Lots of beaches and good music. I have yet to go to Corpus Christi.. I wanna go!

2003-06-04 15:35:07 ET

Welcome. And please don't destroy all my action figures.

2003-06-04 15:37:01 ET

thanks cyberrpunk! and don't worry I won't.

2003-06-04 15:49:40 ET

slap his little hands if he does.

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