false motivation. Hooah sergeant!
2003-06-04 13:08:02 ET

did you know that when you smile even when you don't want to that it releases (dopamine or seretonin, not sure which) in your brain which lightens your mood. you do it enough and it forces you to be happy. cool huh? On another note. Does anyone know where I can find some cool assassin-style clothing? I am going to get some clothes altered, but I need ideas and was unsure if it was even on the market.

2003-06-04 13:26:25 ET

I'm sure it does, butI'm not going to smile for no reason, in hopes that it boosts my seretonin levels, especially today.

my parents wanted me on medicationg to make me happy, and it didn't work for me. mood altering drugs only mess ya up more than you were to begin with.

turned out it wasn't chemicals in my brain that made me that way, it was high school. so I got out early, problem solved...

2003-06-04 15:12:03 ET

what happened today? :(

2003-06-04 15:13:45 ET

Hmm, as I recall, chocolate triggers dopamine; similar to ecstasy's acceleration of seretonin output. Regardless, I'm not sure which it is but have taken note.

Also, welcome to sk. I hail via Vasa.

2003-06-04 15:23:56 ET

thanks machawk! cool i didn't know that chocolate triggered dopamine. or about ex. thanks for the input.
Vasa for president!!

2003-06-04 15:25:01 ET

yes I did know that.

2003-06-04 15:29:23 ET

lol i guess i was born under a rock or something. haha I had never heard that.

2003-06-04 16:30:59 ET


2003-06-04 16:31:04 ET

I just heard that it puts you in a state of relaxsation, thats why dogs cant eat it, because they go to sleep and die. but it probably has something to do with releasing hormones from chemical reaction stuff and what not. stupid hormones they are in us, in the food, and in the air, now we have to have chemicals too? no fun at all...

2003-06-04 16:31:10 ET

i think i'm late....

2003-06-04 16:33:40 ET

better late then never.

2003-06-04 16:38:27 ET

You kids are all on drugs.

Explain "assassin-style clothing." You mean, all black?

2003-06-04 17:03:34 ET

god, who ISN"T on drugs??!

as far as the clothing, u yeah, and trenchcoats or bodysuits, like in the matrix, i suppose.

2003-06-04 22:00:44 ET

We're a medicated world.

2003-06-04 22:06:24 ET

I'm not on drugs.

damn kids.

2003-06-05 04:44:12 ET

um. assassin-style.......... Matrix...... Equilibrium etc --business suit type, only like 25 years in the future

2003-06-05 08:22:24 ET

It's all about the sunglasses. They're just wearing expensive dark suits.

2003-06-05 10:50:33 ET

cool. thanks insomnia. how are ya girl? I haven't talked to ya in a while

2003-06-05 11:11:05 ET

I'm cleaning. feh.

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