smokin and jokin
2003-06-05 10:54:34 ET

I'm not on the gig tonight. thankfully! The band has yet another ceremony tonight at "O dark thirty". We will probably perform about 02:00. I'm off the job though, because its a cut down band and I played the last one. Went out and bought some new fly kicks yesterday for this weekend. I just needed some new dress shoes also. I'm starting to get a little nervous about my date. Hope that I don't screw it up. haha I'm such a pessimist...................and He shall imprison you and condemn you to death to test your mettle.

2003-06-05 12:17:32 ET

You're date will go wonderfully. :) Tell her (or him I suppose...can't be too quick to judge on this site!) that she smells good! :)

2003-06-05 14:03:30 ET

awwww. well thank you piccolo. no, its a "her" haha and i definately will. :)

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