stand the hell by
2003-06-06 09:48:30 ET

Today I had CQ (charge of quarters) duty, so I sat at the front desk and answered the phone. yes,, sir....
Anyway, we had a ceremony (shocker) so i got to leave for a bit. Plus, Chief loves days off, so I was outta there by 1130! Sweet. As I'm sure you all know, tonight (well and tomorrow) is my big date night. I'm nervous as hell. ...."but what if she doesn't like me, what if I screw it up?? or say something stupid or don't look good??? *SMACK*........PULL IT TOGETHER SOLDIER! whew. sorry about that......... Anyway, I really like this girl so far and am kinda nervous. Hopefully everyting goes well.---------On another note I get to cash a mad check today. God bless tax returns!!! woo hoo!

2003-06-06 09:50:13 ET

Awww, good luck. Just be a sweetheart and stop acting so nervous and I'm sure she'll love you.

2003-06-06 09:53:25 ET

thanks!!!! you're too good to me hehe. hey where have ya been girl?

2003-06-06 09:55:11 ET

I was online all day yesterday while cleaning and reading and whatnot. Today I'm at work....zzzzzzzzzzzz.

2003-06-06 09:56:36 ET

You just got your tax return? Wow that took a long ass time.

2003-06-06 10:01:23 ET

lol. no, I have had my check for a while. I'm just lazy and never cashed it.

2003-06-06 10:02:06 ET

Lazy ass...

2003-06-06 10:02:50 ET

If I do my taxes again, can I get a second check???

heh... I'm broke.

2003-06-06 11:00:52 ET

good luck with the girlie!

2003-06-06 11:47:08 ET

thank you, KiljoY!!

2003-06-06 11:47:29 ET

lol I don't know about a second check, but it never hurt to try!

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