just keeps getting better.
2003-06-09 08:43:42 ET

man i really must've pissed someone upstairs off. i got some not so wonderful news. i can't exactly say what it involves, but i'll give you a hint. you know that whole war thing going on overseas?

2003-06-09 08:48:39 ET

what did mr. bush do now?

2003-06-09 08:49:54 ET

i have no idea. i can only speculate, but i don't think that i'm going to be here much longer

2003-06-09 08:50:34 ET

you want me to break your legs?

2003-06-09 08:52:03 ET

lol that'd probably work.

2003-06-09 08:53:20 ET

Isn't the war supposed to be over??

2003-06-09 08:54:01 ET

thats what i thought.

2003-06-09 08:55:17 ET

when sarahwas gonna join the marines i offered to break her legs too. lol i try.

2003-06-09 08:55:33 ET

aww, that makes me sad. are you going to be fighting, or just playing music still?

2003-06-09 08:56:35 ET

probably just playing music for the most part. it still sucks tho. i guess nothing could come of it. maybe

2003-06-09 08:57:00 ET

well that was very thoughtful of you lol

2003-06-09 08:57:44 ET

there has been no "official" word. its not classified though. we will probably replace 4th ID when they come back here

2003-06-09 08:57:59 ET

all in favor of breaking his legs rais their hand!

*raises hand*

2003-06-09 08:58:26 ET

no prob i aim to break legs and please.

2003-06-09 08:59:45 ET

thats very sweet. thank you :)`

2003-06-09 09:00:47 ET


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