zen master
2003-06-10 11:57:41 ET

enough negativity. i've decided to pull away from my bad 2 days. I am the zen master. I had a pretty normal day so far. nothing exciting. i have to go get my department of defense sticker for my car, so the M.P.'s don't think I'm a terrorist when i try to come on post. probably pick up my pictures too. cool. maybe practice for a bit. i'm going to get some grub too. I' m about to gnaw my arm off!!! smile, friends, Pete's back

2003-06-10 15:52:11 ET

::applause:: for the positive entry -

2003-06-11 06:55:44 ET

Yay...mmm food.

2003-06-11 07:17:38 ET

what pictures?

2003-06-11 07:17:41 ET

mmmm, aarrrrmmmmmmm..
You can have my arm, I'm not going to eat it.

2003-06-11 13:56:32 ET

lol i love you guys! i'm picking up some 35mil that i just got developed

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