its all rizight
2003-06-11 14:06:21 ET

I'm tha O-D-B as you can see....fbi don't you be watchin me............long day tomorrow!!!! long!!!!! 1 ceremony and 2 dry runs! yikes. i should be done by like 1800 :( .......sorry, i haven't been on much except to bitch. i'm done bitchin for a while i think. i promise i haven't been trying to ignore you all.

2003-06-11 14:56:32 ET

odb/ in the ol dirty bastard?

2003-06-11 17:11:23 ET

lol yup i was listenin to a song of his earlier

2003-06-11 18:37:07 ET

are you a fan pseudo?

2003-06-12 07:43:24 ET

not really..i remmeber some songs with him.

i remmeber something along the lines of him rapping in "ghetto superstar"

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