bandoids unite!
2003-06-13 11:33:01 ET

almost time to go BACK to work. bleh. hey, for all you band nerds like me out there, dci is coming up soon. i'm getting my tickets tonight. you've got to love the sheer unadulterated ear pinning power of a 300 piece marching band. thats a damn wall of sound! (Cavi's in '95), do i miss those days. damn i love my job. anyways, i think it very well may be a rivit weekend! elysium sounds very tempting about now....not much else. reading and listening to Ludwig van Beethoven's delore sweetness.

2003-06-13 12:02:45 ET

I am a self-proclaimed band nerd as well! Hurrah!

2003-06-13 15:56:08 ET

thats awesome. we will rule the world you realize. what do you play? piccolo?

2003-06-13 16:17:51 ET

Clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, etc, obeo, saxophone (alto, soprano) and I've done flag corp in marching band as well

2003-06-13 16:19:39 ET

sweet! i've got a sax gig tomorrow night with a swing band out of town. it should be fun. damn, you can play all those and you are how old?

2003-06-13 16:29:15 ET

18 (I play piano as well, but naturally not in a marching band lol)
I did flag corp with my highschool marching band, and intrustments in my highschool and college concert bands, pit orchestras for musicals, etc
(and yes, I LOVE full metal jacket :))

2003-06-13 16:35:05 ET

i love marching band, the band im in is a little different now, but in highschool and college, i had such a blast! that's a lot of dedication to music to be 18 and play all that!

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