it is like a finger pointing away to the moon
2003-06-24 19:26:53 ET

i started training in the martial arts again today, after a hiatus. i learned a new kick.. nice, my feet are deadly. watch the hell out. oh, by the way, i am very interested in meeting soldiers from a foreign nation's military, so if anyone out there is from another nation's military, i'd LOVE to talk to you!!!!

2003-06-24 19:30:53 ET

martial arts always borred me.
too short of an attention span.

2003-06-24 19:32:54 ET

: ) its my release. i get t oleave everything behind and just concentreate on self actualization. what did you study?

2003-06-24 19:39:14 ET

the first time I was to young, and they did sparing and they kicked my ass. I always got paired with the angry kid with glasses.

more recently I was supposed to be taking some Aikido(sp?) class through my college, I only went to a few of them, but somehow, on my transcript I got a B. some of the meditation junk was pretty cool though. then I lost interest and stopped coming to class

I wish I could kick ass, but I'm too little

2003-06-24 19:52:46 ET

I could kick your ass...behold the Kendo and Tessenijutsu master

2003-06-24 19:55:03 ET

ooh, is that a challenge?

2003-06-24 19:59:59 ET


I'm betting tonal war is gonna win, but I wanna see some blood!

ok best of three rounds wins!

2003-06-24 20:02:23 ET

lol. I was just working on my flying back spin and my spinning round house too. "punch, block, its all in the mind" did any of you ever play that game? parappa tha rappa?

2003-06-24 20:03:55 ET


2003-06-24 20:49:08 ET

Blah its sad when people dont think the girl is going to win. I have been studing kendo since I was 11.

2003-06-24 20:56:06 ET

well it was just a speculation.
I just want to see some action, thats all.

2003-06-25 08:19:27 ET

Blah...either way...I do remember playing Praappa rappa. That game ROCKED

2003-06-25 10:06:50 ET


2003-08-07 19:34:55 ET

parappa... yes. anyone ever play the "sequel" jammer lammy or something like that? I hated it.

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