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2003-07-03 13:16:56 ET

I believe that we are a product of our environment as well as our own subconscious, where personality development is concerned. Some of my friends disagree with the acceptance of both the schools of thought simultaneously. I have met people who are either one or the other, especially in the field of psychology. They were eigther basic behaviorists or subscribed to Freudian theory. The question i have is, "why does one negate the other?" Both schools of thought make valid arguments. I draw from both sources when forming my opinion on personality development. I would love to hear what your opinions on this matter are.

2003-07-03 23:34:50 ET's too early for me to actually understand this. Even if I could if would completely confuse me. I choose...That side. -->

2003-07-08 16:54:18 ET

I tend to aggree with you, the whats and whys of thought and action are very interesting to me but I must admit I am only a tourist in the field. I wonder to what the proportions those ingredients are in me. I spend a lot of time in my mind and in fact am rarely ever completely where ever I am.

2003-07-08 17:20:03 ET

I am also just a 'tourist'. My father is a psychologist and I find the practice fascinating. lol I do the exact same thing! Wow, a fellow 'extreme sport introvert'!!! that is why i seem like such a scatter brain most of the time. I am always contemplating something and half the time can't even find my keys!

2003-07-08 18:12:24 ET

I wonder is it latent multitasking or an artifact of ADD? Argh there is always cat hair on this keyboard. ( 6 cats might have something to do with it?).
Be well and be Blessed.

2003-07-09 09:34:08 ET

lol actually, i do have add , but i think that has contributed to my hightened concentration (in my head anyways). i neglect everyting else in the exterior world.
thank you, peace be with you also.

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