Happy Independence day!!!
2003-07-04 09:12:31 ET

Happy fourth everyone!!!!! Remeber those who died so that we could have this wonderful day.

2003-07-04 09:14:58 ET

YAY now if people didn't die we wouldn't have this wonderful holiday...

but, if they didn't die, i wouldn't have to march for an hour anymore :)

2003-07-04 09:26:20 ET


2003-07-04 10:04:00 ET

Ganz: march for an hour? hhmmmmm...i think thats reletively insignificant next to dying. i marched for an hour today as well, though.

killjoy: Hi Killer

2003-07-04 10:53:25 ET

i know i know... i just really don't like marching :P

2003-07-04 17:00:05 ET

lol i understand. it was HOT today

2003-07-04 20:04:13 ET

:-) hi

2003-07-05 07:39:45 ET

and i marched bassdrum for the first time in my life... and only had 2 days to learn the songs... yea, that sucked... hahaha

2003-07-07 10:07:43 ET

Hi, Courtney!!!!!!!!! How was your fourth?

Ganz: bummer, I marched quints in highschool

2003-07-07 13:25:05 ET

yea, you know what its like then... you just have more drums to hit with a less awkward hand motion.

2003-07-07 18:47:34 ET

lol. you speak the truth

2003-08-07 19:32:56 ET

I've done the two day bass drum thing myself. I went from playing sax for 4 years, to playing bass drumm in 2 cause I was the biggest guy in the band. it sucked.

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