2003-07-07 18:51:02 ET

I just got back from a great bible study session. This new group is great, I am really enjoying it!

I hope everyone had a great fourth of july weekend and didn't lose any philanges to explosions or anything of that nature.

2003-07-07 20:28:36 ET

bible study?????

2003-07-08 08:18:20 ET


2003-07-08 17:00:27 ET

Check my comments on the 4th. Also my son leaves for navy basic tomorrow. Could go for a good bible study or "small group" but can't seem to find one it Cleveland.

2003-07-08 17:17:13 ET

i'm in Texas. Sorry :( The group I have is great! I wish you well in your search.
Tell your son that i wish him the best of luck! My friend Micahla is in the navy, and she loves it. Maybe i took a wrong turn with the green and should've gone blue? haha

2003-08-02 22:49:31 ET

thats awesome. i have a good group going here in L.A. God bless.

2003-08-03 10:44:07 ET

thanks!!!! you too!

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