go daddy-o!!!
2003-07-08 17:27:18 ET

Has anyone else found that swing music comes and goes sporadically? It makes it's appearance around every decade and then fades away again? Just a ponderance...
I am very excited, when I go home at the end of this month, I get to bring my zoot suit back with me!!!! I just may get Vato'ed out when I get back and go swing dancing.

2003-07-08 17:34:39 ET

you are officially the first person ive ever heard that admits that they like swing dancing.you are too cool.

2003-07-08 17:36:03 ET

lol well thank you. Swing music is my all time music to play / dance to

2003-07-08 17:44:20 ET

i went through this stage when i was in h.s. where all i listened to was the squirel nut zippers,brian setzer,and a little big bad voodoo daddy.

2003-07-08 17:45:32 ET

oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! zippers rock! I got to see voodoo daddy when I was in college a few years ago.

2003-07-08 17:48:14 ET

they played here twice and i really wanted to see them but nobody i knew at the time would go. so i missed it but lincoln center has swing bands every wed which is cool. i just havent had a chance to check it out.

2003-07-08 17:49:28 ET

awesome!!!! I saw the lincoln center jazz orchestra with wynton marsalis also! Do you go there often?

2003-07-08 17:51:13 ET

i havent been by there in forever. if the weather is tolerable i might go next week. i havent seen whose playing but i think it should be fun.

2003-07-08 17:56:19 ET

man, i wish i was around a large cultural hub like that.

2003-07-08 17:59:22 ET

ive lived here most of my life and to tell you the truth i'll be the first to admit it i take it for granted. im always complaining that theres nothing to do mainly because im so used to it.

ny is amazing and sometimes i wish i didnt live here because maybe i'd take more advantage of it.

2003-07-08 18:00:07 ET

wow, i'd love to live in ny. franky sings about how great it is.
i understand

2003-07-08 18:01:45 ET

frank sinatra? my boss used to do his travel and she went on tour with him a couple times.

2003-07-08 18:04:25 ET

omg that would be a dream job!!!! to travel with his band or Dean Martin's, Tony Bennett's, Harry Connick Jr. etc

2003-07-08 18:04:59 ET

I don't know what you're talking about. Swing music is always somewhere in my CD player.

2003-07-08 18:06:21 ET

:) you rock, Court!!!!!!!

2003-07-08 18:06:25 ET

she traveled with dean martin,sammy davis jr, and frank sinatra.

2003-07-08 18:07:33 ET

k, gotta go practice, my sax is callin me.

2003-07-08 18:49:40 ET

I know :-)

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