2003-07-10 14:08:35 ET

A young man was killed in battle in Iraq the other day. He was 21 years of age. He was from Batesville, Indiana, not far from where my permenant home is located. I do not know his name, but I wanted to post a message about him in my journal as a way of honoring what he has done for us. Thank you, battle. We will not forget you. Your altrusitic service to our nation exemplifies the great sense of patriotism inherent in American citizens. Thank you for your intrepidity and your sacrifice! May you be at peace and find your place in Heaven.

2003-07-10 17:49:24 ET

amen rip

2003-07-11 14:36:02 ET

meh and fooey

2003-07-11 17:15:56 ET

I'll amen that.

2003-07-12 11:57:43 ET

damnit, Another soldier from fourth Infantry Division (some of our guys) died yesterday. He was from Indianapolis, Indiana. 21 years old. this has got to stop.

2003-08-02 22:48:19 ET


2003-08-03 10:45:16 ET

I heard that they were coming home soon, thank God. Those poor guys need a break

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