2011-05-01 17:11:09 ET

New month -- that means a new hair color, and a new entry :P

IRL shit: Nothing of note. Still working for the G, still fairly happy there. Still healthy, for the most part.

Eve shit: I don't hate myself enough, apparently, as I've been intentionally playing Eve on Hard Mode lately -- I'm working on a video where I fly nothing but combat-fitted covops frigates. It's shit, and I die a lot, but I get some really hilarious kills as well; lots of T1 frigs, some interceptors, the odd mining barge, and even some dictors if I don't screw it up.

And, in the middle of writing this, I bothered to kill a Dramiel using an Exequror. ( I'll be smug for weeks about this, so you may want to ignore me for a tiny bit :)

2011-05-02 04:15:37 ET


2011-05-02 07:21:33 ET

do we get to vote on next month's color?

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