minimize and intimacy
2009-11-10 18:05:27 ET

this past week i have been relentlessly reading blogs that focus on minimalist lifestyle. this idea appeals to me for various reasons:

1. easy to move around.
2. no more visual clutter.
3. spending less
4. requires me to be conscious of my eating habits.
5. i am learning to notice what fuels my energy and what takes away from my energy.

i can't recall which blog but it suggested that i should write down 5 things that are important to me right now, and find some way of integrating it more into my daily practices.

currently i hold in high value:

1. intimacy
2. body movement
3. writing
4. music (singing, writing, dancing)
5. eating well
6. travel (yes i added one more but its pretty important)

i have to say that since i decided to have more intimacy in my life and found it THAT important the quality of my life has changed quickly and dramatically. living on my own is quite the transition for me coming from a relatively big family and have always been around people. but what i want from the minimalist lifestyle is to spend less on shit i don't need and create more presence and art in my life.


2009-11-11 10:29:09 ET

Share some of those blog sites! I am trying to incorporate a more minimalist approach in material possessions. I think I'm doing a good job so far but there's always ways to improve.

2009-11-11 17:40:28 ET

Establish steps to acquire these things. Qualify or quantify them, list the steps, publish the steps and become accountable. Reporting your goals and the progress you make toward them is a big help.

2009-11-13 09:48:32 ET

yes! i agree.

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