I love my job
2004-03-16 10:26:48 ET

I work at GameStop. I'm not really that big a gamer but GameStop is owned by Barnes & Noble, and therefore my employee discount works at B&N. So I'm debating (because I'm still poor, just employed) whether to buy William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" or something by the ever infamous H.P. Lovecraft. This will require some contemplation.

2004-03-16 11:13:42 ET

Why not just go to Bookman's and get both for cheaper?

2004-03-17 06:54:19 ET

Because bookman's never has what I'm looking for. Example, Dungeon & Dragon's PHB v 3.5

2004-03-17 08:20:16 ET

The one on Ina seems to have everything I'm looking for. At one point, they even had everything written by Brian Lumley.

2004-03-17 11:40:05 ET

mmmm. Well, I'm may be headed over to Main Sreet Billiards later today, so maybe on the way I'll check the Speedway/Wilmot local. I didn't know anyone else on here was from tucson . . .

2004-03-17 17:57:34 ET

There's a few of us, but for the most part, we're not willing to admit to the fact. Some of us are even over 16.

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