I may not be Irish
2004-03-17 11:46:08 ET

But I am Scottish, and we love drinking just as much. Today will involve burgers on the barbie and guiness all around. Last night involved Monique and I heading out the historical Rialto theater in downtown Tucson. Who was playing you ask? Why, Flogging Molly of course. I've never had a better time than that, not even beating the crap out of New Mexicans in the Albuquerque TKD tournie. I think that this weekend I'll be going to the Renaisance Fair (as if I could spell) with Monique. I'll prolly also pick up my friends Levi and Joline on the way. That'll be Sunday. Saturday I may be playing Call of Cthulhu with some of the guys. That should prove to be . . . horifying?

2004-03-18 09:39:32 ET

yeah i'm scottish too.
and my friends and i rocked out to flogging molly yesterday and drank guiness.
oh it was good.

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