2004-03-19 20:03:46 ET

Okay, here is the midget story. I was hanging out with my buddy Kristen on Halloween night. We were going to go to the strip club with a couple of her friends. Her friends didn't show for along while and when they did show they decided to grab some drinks and tweak out next door. I not into that whole scene so I split. On the way home a drunk midget, in costume, stepped right in front of my car. I didn't kill the poor lady, only knocked her unconcious, but still.

2004-03-19 21:39:22 ET

Wow...I had a midget hit on me one time. Thats it for my midget stories

2004-03-20 16:54:16 ET

Poor poor midget lady! I hope she is ok.

I paid a midget to bite a lifesaver off of my cousins dress (bachlorette party and we sewed livesavers to her dress) and then took a picture. Too good not to take a picture in my opinion. He had to stand on his tippy-toes. Priceless!

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