Music is important
2004-03-24 08:38:29 ET

I sold four of my video games last night to buy one cd. Music is far more important than video games. It was hard trying to sell them though. Since I work at GameStop I can't sell my games there. So I had to have Monique go in and sell them for me. After that I went to Zia, the best record store in town, and bought an album I've wanted for at least two years. Koolmotor by Five Deez. Who ever said hip-hop was a bad thing?

2004-03-24 09:22:06 ET

wow! How much did that one cd cost if you had to sell 4 games for it?

2004-03-24 13:49:29 ET

15 dollars. I got $16.50 for the games.

2004-03-24 17:36:44 ET

daaamn! thats some crazy shit!

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