2004-04-21 10:41:24 ET

Kim and I are trying to get together a martial arts club at our college. I went to the school's Tae Kwon Do class to address the class to see if anyone wanted to sign up. Just to be polite, I asked the instructor. He wouldn't let me talk to the class, said there already was a Tae Kwon Do club, and, in short, to stay out of the college. "I've been here since 1976 so blah blah blah." I think it's funny that he has such an ego when you realize that he's only second dan and he's not certified by any organization. As far as anyone knows, and is more likely than you might realize, that he gave himself his belt. Anyway, that's enough bitching for now.

2004-04-21 11:06:54 ET

i take it from your tone hes not very high ranking (and maybe not even legit) so i say coup away.

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