Food is good
2004-04-24 17:31:30 ET

I like Iron Chef. Iron Chef America is cool, but I think that the judges are a little biased towards the Americans. Then again, the Japanese judges have always been very biased in favor of Sakai. Well, like it's really important.

I'm worried about my finger. It's been over a week now and it still isn't quite right. I think it may have been dislocated and still isn't set.

Well, I need to go look at iron palm bags. Later.

2004-04-24 19:33:09 ET

Perhaps you should see a doctor.

Iron chef, I think I've seen that a few times. Is that the one where they say "iron chef" like 8 billion times a show? Cuz if it is I played the iron che fdrinking game where you take a shot every time they say it. I was fucked in 7 minutes.

2004-04-26 11:06:56 ET

Yes, that's Iron Chef

2004-04-26 12:05:38 ET

Hmm makes sense...

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