2004-04-27 08:56:30 ET

I want.

2004-04-27 09:01:41 ET

omfg a sauce so hot you have to sign a release to buy it.. I WANT

2004-04-27 09:03:27 ET

I've got a lovely little bottle in the fridge labeled "95% Pain".. habeneros, chipotles, and jalepenos.. good stuff, and only 4.95 at the Marshal's on Oracle Rd.

2004-04-27 09:05:41 ET

but does it have a waiver releaseing the company that sells it from "lawsuits that you, or any of your dependents, heirs, or family members may have relating to any damage and/or injury that results, or is alleged to have resulted, from use, consumption, ingestion and/or contact of any bodily part or organ"


2004-04-27 10:04:00 ET

On the same site they have even hotter sauces. If you know about the scoville scale "The Source" has 7.1 million scovilles. To put that in perspective, a jalapeno pepper is about 10,000. The hottest pepper in the world has 800,000. That link is 1 million, so "The Source" must be awful fucking hot.

2004-04-28 03:50:55 ET

I won't put anything on my food that can't eat through a metal tin overnight in the fridge.

2004-04-28 06:17:34 ET

hehehe sweet

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