2004-04-29 10:07:47 ET

I just woke up from a strange, yet very cool dream. I dreamnt I got married. To someone I didn't know. After the ceremony I finally asked her name. I think it was Marie, but I don't really remember. All I remember is that wearing the ring felt really good. I also remember she dressed all goth for the wedding. Strange, but enjoyable. Anyway, I have to get ready to drive my mother to the hospital.

2004-04-29 10:11:56 ET

Do you ever have dreams about things in your life that are currently relevant?

2004-04-29 10:15:26 ET

Not usually, but I don't really pay enough attention to notice.

2004-04-29 10:16:11 ET

Its frustating when you cant grasp onto the dream you had the night before. Theyre usually much more interesting than we remember them to be.

2004-04-29 10:19:01 ET

Very true.

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